How do we take Griffin’s distinctive suite of biscuits, and amplify individual product truths to deliver an unexpected moment of delight?

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How do we create a brand personality and vision that can pull together the disparate products in the Kapiti range – ice cream, cheese and single farm organic milk?

We created a fresh brand platform – ‘Let the adventure begin’ is as much a challenge to keep pushing the envelope for flavours and products, as an invitation to food adventurers.

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How do we make an occasion of the re-launch of Ernest Adams and get Kiwis to taste the deliciousness that has gone in to the brand’s revival.

How do you help the kiwi-owned bank that is determined to make all kiwis better off?

Our partnership with Assignment has delivered some incredible work and helped transform Kiwibank’s brand. Our Independence Campaign is a great example of the Assignment magic. Their ability to crack the code of any business challenge strategically and creatively is a core strength. What makes Assignment different is that they consistently deliver results.

Nicky Ashton
GM Marketing, Kiwibank.

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How do you grow an iconic dog food brand beyond it’s rural heartland?

Our challenge to Assignment was to reignite Tux’s iconic status in Kiwi households and drive relevancy in a cluttered marketplace. Using the famous jingle ‘Tux keeps them full of life. Fit as a fiddle. Sharp as a knife’ Assignment have helped cement Tux as New Zealand’s favourite, and most trusted, dog food.

Jennifer Chappell
Head of Marketing, Nestle Purina.

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How does a big international brand like Shell turn into a Kiwi owned icon?

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How do you create the context for New Zealanders to demand a comeback?

We had over a million dollars of revenue in the first week. Three months later, Choco-ade is still the number one selling biscuit in New Zealand

Josette Prince
Marketing Director, Griffin’s.

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How do you take on a national icon and make him a national treasure?

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How do we get Kiwis to recognise the importance of health and safety at work, rather than dismiss it as Government revenue collecting?

Assignment Group challenged the traditional thinking on marketing/promoting work-related health and safety, helping lead WorkSafe as the regulator to address the ‘why’ before the ‘how’. They provided the strategic and creative path to meeting that challenge, and we are already seeing encouraging results in leading behavioural change.

John Tulloch
GM Communications, WorkSafe.

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How do we arm our exporters with a consistent story to take to the world?

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