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November 23, 2016
Real Stories

KFC China have embraced a very simple and eloquent strategy; Tell real stories and hero the real people who make the brand great.
The hero of this ad is Li Liang who’s been deaf since he was a child, he is now a KFC trainee manager who helps to run a store where more than half the staff are hearing disabled.
Who needs hyperbole advertising when you have real stories?

November 2, 2016
The ‘Ozbank’ focus group

How would you feel about bank profits made in your country being taken overseas? That’s the question this Aussie focus group was asked. See if they think it’s fair suck of the sav in our latest Kiwibank video here.

October 6, 2016
Ode to Lesvos

“This inspiring story, picked up by Johnnie Walker as a wonderful hero piece of their #KeepWalking campaign. Ode to Lesvos has shone a light on the 153 residents from a small island in Greece who’ve worked to help people escape the war torn middle east.

It’s a fantastic bit of shareable feel-good social work that has given the microphone to the ‘everyday man & woman’ who are working hard to make a positive difference.

The simple line ‘Keep Walking’ resonates with people all over the world, it’s a mantra of sorts to motivate and humble people who might be working through adversity.”

Watch the video

August 28, 2016
Newcastle Brown Ale

In 2014 the average 30 second spot at Superbowl went for $4million. So traditionally only the biggest brands get to play at the ‘Big Game’.
Until Superbowl 48 when Droga 5 created the best ‘Big Game’ ad for Newcastle Brown Ale.
It was dubbed: “The commercial we would have made, if we had the money”.

Watch the full video